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Insight from one of the most successful coaches

12/26/2016, 10:15am MST

Hear it from the best


            For Ben Vombaur, wrestling instills a life-bolstering philosophy that transcends the mat. The sport has been important in shaping the trajectory of his own life and, in turn, he uses what he’s learned to train the kids in Bear Cave. To prepare for top level competition, Ben  sets up training cycles in anticipation for the tournament. “It’s important that they get a lot of hard work in earlier, then they get confident as the date of the event approaches,” says Coach Vombaur. Beyond becoming better wrestlers, Coach Ben aspires to help each team member become better people and decision-makers. “I want them to improve their lives, to be confident people, and to be leaders. Every step in that direction is a good thing. My goals for the team are based on each individual,” expressed Vombaur.

            That philosophy must be working because it translates into success on the mat. Bear Cave wrestling club has consistently been at the top of the Trackwrestling ranking. When asked if that puts any pressure on him or the team, Vombaur took a pensive pause before stating that it doesn’t. “I enjoy what I do and the results reflect that. I try to convince our wrestlers to not concern themselves with how big an event is or how tough their opponents are, but to instead focus on themselves, their preparation, and the things they have control over. So when they compete, they have fun.” For Bear Cave, competitions don’t bring on the pressure as much as they do the fun. The competitions are meant to showcase how hard the team has worked, and that’s where they get the most fun out of tournaments.

            So what is the biggest lesson Coach Ben wants to teach his kids? “I want them to be confident individuals –in wrestling and in life.” In the spirit of his philosophy, wrestling is a vehicle for making leaders out of the Bear Cave team. Ben cites good decision-making, not giving into peer pressure, and self-confidence as three of the biggest lessons from wrestling that extends to everyday life. As far as competition goes, RMN events always offer a platform for growth. “We can always count on being challenged at any of the RMN events. We’re fortunate we have so many in-state and close in Colorado.” That’s lucky for us, too! We can catch Ben and the Bear Cave team putting all their hard work into upcoming events. Don’t miss it!




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