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(Official)ly the Best in Youth Wrestling

01/04/2017, 3:45pm MST
By Ceri Robirds

They're the guys that keep the show going...

When it comes to wrestling tournaments put on by RMN Events, they strive for nothing but the best. This applies to the competition, venues, and even the officials; which is one of the most important contributing factors to the success of these events.

The head official for RMN Events, Bill Barron, says they are constantly trying to attain the highest quality possible for their officials. He says their search process has expanded drastically and they have even starting requiring officials to sign in to Arbiter, a system used to make sure their prospects are certified. In the past they had to rely on some that were less qualified so now they are definitely stepping their game up to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  

With their search for the best officials comes a wider demographic of officials from all over the nation. “The national representation of officials closely matches that of the wrestlers and coaches who participate in our events,” says Barron.

Two upcoming tournaments, New Mexico National Showdown and Wild West Championships have officials from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada and even Montana. Of these officials, 5 of them officiate year-round in not only folkstyle wrestling, but also freestyle and greco.

Barron says that he would rate the quality of his officials as second to none as it’s one of his priorities to have experienced people. “Not only do we have officials from all over, but they have also worked a lot of National Youth Events so they know what to expect when working with this population,” he says. RMN Events has made a great deal of improvements thus far when it comes to officials and the greater appeal of working these tournaments will help to continue to bring in only the best to make these events even more successful!

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